Complaints and Appeals Management


and Appeals Management

The process of addressing complaints / appeals is an integral part of our company’s client relations philosophy of satisfying our customers and promptly responding to their needs.

Our mission is not only aimed at satisfying our customers but is also focused on providing added-value, ongoing quality and the search for improvement in all of our processes.

The treatment of complaints / appeals deserves our special attention. We have therefore facilitated the submission of any customer complaints / appeals so that we can respond to them as quickly as possible.

Since we put such value on customer satisfaction and the prompt resolution of any complaints / appeals they may have, we are also able to use this process as an excellent tool in improving our services.

Complaint / Appeal Management

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with Bureau Veritas Certification service or with a service by a company certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, then we invite you to please submit your complaint / appeal directly to us.

This will allow us to quickly address the issue within our company or in the organization that was certified by us.

Complaints and Appeals Management
Complaints and Appeals Management

How to File a Complaint / Appeal?

You can file a complaint / appeal via email or call, which will be submitted directly to Bureau Veritas Certification Department.

More Information on Complaint / Appeal Management

You will find more information in the customer complaint/appeal procedure which also includes information on Bureau Veritas Certification Appeal Process.
For wood and forestry complaints / appeals, we provide you with a wood and forestry dedicated process.

This details our procedure for handling complaints / appeals and their follow-up.