ISO 50001, a universal framework to manage energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions

Energy has become a key metric for companies. Saving energy means saving operational costs.

Energy consumption also implies reducing greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrating greater care for natural resources.

ISO 50001 is expected to impact 60% of total global energy consumption.

• ISO 50001 is an internationally recognized energy management system (EnMS) standard published by ISO (International Organization of Standardization)
• Energy Management Systems offer a structured and comprehensive approach for improving energy efficiency
• EnMS Audits will enable your organization to improve energy management, detect potential savings and will serve as a management milestone

Benefits of implementing an Energy Management System

With the implementation of ISO 50001 management system, companies gain a solid competitive advantage and achieve significant savings.

Energy intense industries and other sectors can also see significant improvements in their energy use by optimizing their consumption and using more renewable energy:

• Objective and exhaustive vision on energy uses and consumption
• Projection of future consumption and list of saving opportunities
• Hierarchy of energy uses to focus efforts
• Establish a baseline and monitoring of operations
• Motivational lever for staff
• Reporting tool for stakeholders
• Proof of commitment to sustainability

ISO 50001 can be easily integrated into existing Quality, Safety, and/or Environment Management Systems, for all types of organizations looking to monitor and improve their energy efficiency.

Multiple management systems can be audited simultaneously during the same audit in order to optimize costs.


common questions

Why choose Bureau Veritas Certification?

Prove compliance against international standards
Conformance with ISO 50001 establishes your organization as committed to continuously improving its energy use.

Benefit from the expertise of a pioneer in the industry
Bureau Veritas Certification is a pioneer of ISO 50001 Certification, having delivered the world’s first certificate to Reliance Infrastructure at its Danahu Power Plant in India during June, 2011.

A mark to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to excellence
The Bureau Veritas Certification Mark is recognized and respected throughout the world as a valued symbol of reliability, sustainability and trust.